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Tech Help

Unfortunately, if you have come to this spot you’re experiencing some problems.  Not to fear, we have all been there!

Follow the steps below so we can get you back on track!


  • Double check all your resistor values.
  • Double check any part with a polarity.
  • Double check all IC and transistor pins and orientation.
  • Double check any wiring.
  • Double check all solder joints for cold solder joints and/or solder bridges.
  • Take a few hours or a day away from the problem, often the problem is found when you have a fresh set of eyes.


  • Check the madbean pedal forum for similar problems.
  • I highly recommend posting your problem on the forum following the guide below as it will help others in the future.
  • Please include the following in any forum posts or direct contact:
    1. Project Name – List project and version if applicable.
    2. Problem description – List a brief description of the problem.
    3. Troubleshooting already completed – List the steps taken already to find and fix the problem.
    4. Voltages – Measure the DC supply voltage on the PCB.  Measure the DC voltage on each pin of an ICs and transistors.  Record those and put them in the post.
    5. Pictures – Link or attach clear pictures of both sides of the PCB along with any external wiring and a description of the picture(s).
    6. Parts substitutions – List any parts used that were different than the build document.
    7. Audio probe – Build and use an audio probe to work through the circuit and list where you are loosing the signal. (if applicable)  You can find out how to build and use one here…DIY Fever Audio Probe


  • When all else fails you can contact me using the contact form and list your information you gathered from the previous steps.
  • Be patient and continue to troubleshoot the problem, we learn best from finding our mistakes!