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Do you sell kits?

Currently, I only sell PCBs.  Although, some PCBs do have a part that is either included or can be bought separately.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship everywhere worldwide!

What are shipping costs to my country?

Check the shipping rates area for the up to date rates.

What if my order hasn’t arrived?

USA orders typically take 3-5 business days to be delivered.  If it is more than 10 business days please contract me with the contact form and the order number.

International orders typically take 2-3 weeks but can take up to 4 weeks.  If it has been over 4 weeks, please contact me with the contact form and the order number.

What does R mean on the resistor value, is this an error?  (e.g. 100R)

The R is a designator for ohms.  In the instance of 100R, it would mean 100 ohms.

Why is there a letter between a component value? (e.g. 4k7, 2n2)

Anytime there is a letter designation between a number it is a decimal place.  This is to avoid confusion on values.
4k7 = 4.7k
2n2 = 2.2nF


What are the A, B, C, and W additions for the potentiometer values?

These are tapers.  A taper is the ratio of resistance already passed as you turn the potentiometer to its maximum or minimum resistance

A = audio or logarithmic

B = linear

C = reverse logarithmic

W =  one side is reverse audio, the opposite side is audio, and the middle portion of the taper is linear.

What if my build isn’t working?

See the tech help section.

Can tap tempo be added to the Multiplex?

For the multiplex adding a tap tempo is complex due to the modes switching.  You would need two taptation chips to have independent control of each PT2399.  Although, you could just use one taptation for delay two.  There are ways you could use one taptation to control both delays but you’ll need to do some homework.  Either way it is complex.  The other option is to use a multiplex junior which would be easier as it only has one pt2399, you would just hook up the taptation as you would any other PT2399 based delay.


Do you do custom PCB design work?
Yes I do contract work.  Please use the contact form get in touch with me for details.